Without the Stars

I couldn't have LIVED without you,
for now we've come too far.
I live in the night,
and you my STARS.
You have made me worth all that I CAN BE.
You have helped me realize,
convinced me to BELIEVE.
I AM strong enough to do this,
I will no longer be weak.
You have given me a voice,
You have let me speak.
Seeing me through your eyes,
crying through my pain.
We stand TOGETHER as strength,
cause we are not to blame.
You are someone I can depend upon,
someone I can trust.
A shoulder I can cry upon,
when I'm about the burst.
Someone that's been through my pain,
Someone that's still fighting,
for the rest to stay ALIVE.
Only one can understand me,
if they have explored this far.

Testimony of a Former Resident

We got married after only six months, and I got pregnant right away. Three months into my pregnancy he became abusive. I thought that after I had the baby, things would get better, but they got worse.
I'd had enough, so I packed up my three children and was leaving. My husband came home and caught me before I could get the kids in the car. He beat me for hours and then he grabbed a rope, tied it around my neck and hung me from a rafter in the basement. My toes left the floor and I blacked out.
The next thing I knew, I was laying on the basement floor and my son was asking "Mommy, you okay?" My son had pushed my husband and saved my life. I ended up at the door of SpringHaven.
I was at a point in my life where I wanted to give up. SpringHaven made sure I didn't. They got me back on my feet, gave me the will to live and I got my confidence back. I stayed at SpringHaven for several months.
Now, I have a car, a good job and a comfortable home for me and my kids. If it hadn't been for SpringHaven, I don't know what would have happened to me.
A Former Resident 2010

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